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St. Olaf’s Institute for Freedom and Community (IFC) is pleased to announce available funds for Collaborative Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (CURI) projects.

We are open to receiving proposals on any number of research topics from any St. Olaf faculty in any academic department or program.  We ask that either the topic itself or the approach to the topic reflect the central goals of the Institute. The IFC encourages free inquiry and meaningful debate of important political and social issues. By exploring diverse ideas about politics, markets, and society, the Institute aims to challenge presuppositions, question easy answers, and foster constructive dialogue among those with differing values and contending points of view. Through its programs and educational offerings, the Institute underscores the value of having open and spirited exchanges on highly controversial subjects in a respectful and productive manner.

Given this context, supported projects might address directly the subjects of academic freedom, intellectual diversity, or civility in public debate. Alternatively, projects might address an independent topic (e.g., climate change, abortion, military intervention, racial or ethnic diversity, immigration, free trade, health care, sexual identity, religious freedom and civil rights, etc.), but do so in a way that attends to or reflects on matters of free inquiry, intellectual diversity, or civility in public debate.

For examples of past projects the Institute has supported, please follow this link and read some of the featured articles about past IFC-sponsored research.

For those interested, we ask that you submit a project proposal of no more than five hundred words, outlining the central questions and methods informing your research, and explaining how your topic and/or approach reflects the central goals of the Institute. We also ask that you clearly state the ways in which students will be involved, as well as how they stand to grow intellectually from the experience. Please address your proposals to the Institute’s Subcommittee for CURI Projects, at The subcommittee, composed of St. Olaf students and faculty, will award Institute funding to selected projects. Projects selected for Institute funding will be administered through the college’s CURI program. In practice, this means that regular CURI procedures and timelines for advertising research positions, selecting students, and conducting research will be run through the CURI office.

For more information on CURI and specific deadlines, please visit For more information on the Institute for Freedom and Community, please visit Questions may be directed to Edmund Santurri, Morrison Family Director of the Institute for Freedom and Community, at