Institute Director

The Morrison Family Director of The Institute is appointed by the St. Olaf College President, is responsible for overall Institute programming, and acts in consultation with the Director’s Council.

Edmund Santurri
Morrison Family Director of The Institute, Professor of Religion and Philosophy


The members of the Director’s Council are also appointed by the St. Olaf College President. The Council provides advice and guidance to the Institute’s Director, helps the Director integrate the Institute’s mission and goals throughout the college, and reports to the college President the extent to which The Institute is accomplishing its mission.

Faculty Members                                                                                                      Student Members
Jolene BarjastehProfessor of Romance Languages                                          Tahir Ahsan ’20, 
Thomas BernardinAssistant Professor of Economics                                     Shaquille Brown ’19
Brian BorovskyAssociate Professor of Physics                                                  Harry Edstrom ’19
Michael FuersteinAssociate Professor of Philosophy                                      Ezra Garcia ’19
Jeanine Grenberg, Professor of Philosophy                                                         Nicholas Gonnerman ’19
Ashley Hodgson, Associate Professor of Economics                                          Kathryn Hinderaker ’19
Jason Marsh, Associate Professor of Philosophy                                                 Christoph Hodel ’20
James MayProfessor Emeritus, Classics                                                              Iain Carlos Vazquez Irwin ’20
Emily Mohl,  Assistant Professor of Biology and Education                             Ann Jensen ’19
Sian MuirEntrepreneur in Residence in Economics                                         Brigid Miller ’21
Steve ReeceProfessor of Classics                                                                         Aidan Schoff ’21 
Anthony RobertsArtist in Residence in Dance                                                 Danny Zalk ’19 
Douglas Schuurman, Professor of Religion   
Kathryn Ziegler-Graham, Associate Professor of Statistics